Ainoa Winery

We are two immigrants who refused to give up our winemaking hobby just because our new home had no grapes. To our amazement, we discovered the wild berries and other flavors found in the pure nature of the Finnish Forests can create amazing wines.

Our wines have received awards internationally: in the US, Germany, Australia and in the prestigious competitions of France, where six of our wines have received gold medals from the Oenologists of France – the only wines from the Nordic region and the only wines made from berries in the world so honored.

In 2018, we were humbled to receive the Finnish Food Culture Fund award for “innovative, creative and ground-breaking activities, which has significantly contributed to the development of Finnish food culture.” Our contribution to Nordic Food Culture earned us the Embla Nordic Food Artisan trophy in 2019.

We are on a mission to show the world that fine wines can be made in Finland, using the treasures from the Finnish forests.

Paola & David


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